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Electronic access control systems

The expertise of the company’s founder, and an exceptional drive towards innovation and development, have helped SALTO establish its place on the market as one of the five largest providers of electronic access systems. Fuchs Technik is proud to have had SALTO as a partner for the last 20 years. Online, offline or with cloud-based systems: our wide range of products enables us to provide access solutions for a whole variety of sectors.

Salto - Access control Access Control - Front plate with keypad

Products for any need

Door systems

Door systems

When it comes to access control, it’s very important to evaluate the various options before choosing the best solution. Fuchs Technik’s projects combine safety, convenience and practicality with attractive design.

Cloud systems

Cloud-based solutions

These smart solutions are ideal if you want to do without keys or identification media such as cards.

Salto - Technologies


Directly, via radio signal or on your smartphone. The right technology for every need.

Add-on solutions - Dana Control

Additional solutions

In this section we present our special solutions, which range from electronic locks controlled via app to additional code keypads, and to fully automatic check-in stations.


Safes & security cabinets

Specialised consultancy and professional assembly of safes and security cabinets, and integration with the company’s concept of access.

Cylinder locks

Welcome to the world of mechanical access solutions

Mechanical solutions still play an important role in access control today, and are used mainly for projects that do not require the use of electronic devices. The design of the locking system, which establishes which key will close or open a particular door, forms the basis of every intervention. The number of keys can be considerably reduced with the targeted subdivision into groups of people. Cylinder locking systems can also be used in combination with electronic solutions. In this way it is possible to reduce the number of keys in contexts that do not involve electronics, while at the same time creating a coherent system.

Fuchs Technik has always been partners with well-established companies such as KESO and BASI.

Long-term partnership


With reference to cylinders, a distinction is made between double cylinder, half cylinder and knob cylinder. The minimum length of the inside of a cylinder is 30 mm. The length can be progressively extended in 5 mm increments, as required.

Keso - Knob cylinder Keso - Double cylinder Keso - Half cylinder

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