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Tired of wearing ski boots and gloves that are always cold and damp? Sick of finding your skis, poles and boots in an untidy heap? We have the answer to your problems! We offer drying and storage systems for your ski equipment, which can be wall-mounted to save space or used as complete solutions. These are lockers with built-in heated boot dryers. Thanks to our versatile line of products, you can plan and set up your ski storage space entirely according to your needs and desires. Ski lockers or stores, ski hangers or boot dryers: we design the solution that suits you best.

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Zero Watt: The first intelligent boot dryer

We introduce the first intelligent boot and shoe drying system in the world for ski boots, football, tennis and golf shoes, trekking boots and skates. Each heating pin uses up to 6 watt and gets activateted by the weigh of the boot/shoe.

The modular assembly enables to install this kind of system anywhere, even in limited spaces, also in a locker. The drying system Zero watt features a ventilation and PTC heating system.

Ski boot dryer Ski boot dryer ZEROWATT Zero Watt - boot dryer Zerowatt boot dryer - detail
ZeroWatt MICRO

is the only shoe/ Ski boot-dryer in the world that only heats up when the shoe is available. Due to the weight of the shoe, the PTC heating element is heated from only 6W up to max. 45°

ZeroWatt FIX

is equipped with the same PTC heating element, but has no microswitch integrated and the duration of the voltage supply by the timer is active. This variant is suitable for small shoes with low weight and for the double pole dryer.

Absolutely break resistant

For the realization of the “intelligent boot dryer”, the interior life of the modules had to be designed in a very elaborate manner, which was only possible by means of casting molds. In order to guarantee an absolute breaking strength, a mixture of POLIPROPYLENE CALCIUM CARBONATE is used.

ZeroWatt, a success story

Since the year of the invention, tens of thousands of modules have been produced and sold worldwide. Thanks to the modular system, the boot dryer can be used in many different ways. Sportsman, fire brigades, craftsmen, food production and many other areas are among our customers.

A few details

  • Boot & shoe dryer »ZeroWatt« with timer
  • Modular system – easily and efficient
  • 320.000 modules installed worldwide
  • 12 Watt for a pair of shoes
  • The antibacterial cartridge prevents unpleasant indoor air
  • The boot’s weight is enough to activate the heating plate


Probably the best ski-locker in the world

Ski lockers Ski lockers - designs
Professional & Innovative

30 years of innovative development of ski depot products guarantee professional solutions. Our ski lockers have been designed down to the last detail and adapted to market requirements. Quality stands at the top, all ski lockers are galvanized and powder coated, the base as the biggest danger point for rust formation is made of stainless steel. There are many options and additional products available for individual and personal design. Special solutions are also possible on request, for example the fronts with wooden dummies or panorama pictures can be realized according to the customer’s.

Modular flexibility

The ski lockers are well thought-out and calculated for the intended capacity, which means that optimum utilization of the ski storage is possible. In the gastronomy, the room layout with maximum number of beds is the basis for the calculation and planning of the ski room. The lockers can be flexibly equipped with shoe dryers for 1 – 5 pairs of shoes, the drying of the gloves is also possible. The high-quality ski locker made of galvanized steel, stainless steel base, professional powder coating, very robust, is one of the best quality ski locker in the world.

For the electrical connection of the dryers, the sockets with time switch and protective relay must be provided by the customer, all internal cabling between the lockers is supplied and installed by FUCHS TECHNIK.

Available locking systems


  • Universal cylinder: rotary cylinder with locking bolt
  • Halfcylinders: Safety halfcylinders suitable for all standard cylinder closing systems
  • N-Locker: battery operated electronic lock Mifare technology (Salto or Häfele)
  • Electronic lock: wired, activation via potential-free pulse for various electronic access control systems, ski pass, rental software etc. incl. emergency opening with key
  • Electronic code lock: battery operated and easy to operate
  • Without locking system: only a holding magnet keeps the door in the closed state


  • A ventilation system provides a quick drying effect.
  • Deodorising unit
  • Electronic motor lock with automatic door opening and mechanical lock for emergency opening
  • New heating plate PTC with only 6 W/h.
  • Water collection baisin unbreakable nylon-carbon blend for a clean ski room.
  • Openings in the closet cover and in the rear wall guarantee sufficient ventilation of the ski locker.
  • Extremely strong 1.5 mm steel housing powder coated
  • The edging of the entire door frame of the door gives enormous stability.
  • The elegant door handle is subordinate to the four locking systems and integrated simultaneously the numbering of the ski lockers.
  • The hole pattern in the door allows the integration of four different lock systems.
  • The boot’s weight is enough to activate the Energiesparendes heating plate.
  • Water-repellent door base protects against the ingress of melt water and consequently of rust.
  • The base of 3 mm stainless steel is a protection against rust by road salt-laden meltwater
  • Door stopper
  • Water basin
  • Skirting board
  • Water-repellent
  • Coat hook
  • Lower shelf

Customer friendly project

On request, FUCHS TECHNIK will take care of the planning of the skiroom with all technical details. In the gastronomy we plan the positioning of the lockers according to the guestroomplan, in order to facilitate the orientation of the guest.

Projecting - Ski lockers Projecting - Ski lockers Projecting - Ski lockers Projecting - Ski lockers - Drawing Projecting - Ski lockers

FUCHS TECHNIK has been an absolute market leader for electronic access control for almost 30 years. A special software and hardware was developed for the ski room solutions, which allows the connection of the hotelcard or the ski passes. It is also possible to integrate management programs of ski/bikes rental.

Skidepot & bikedepot

Depot in the winter and bike storage in the summer, this is the ideal solution for the perfect ski deposit. On a higher profile, skis and sticks are hung up in winter. The bicycle depot is fixed on a deeper profil line, which allows the bicycles to be locked.

Bicycle hanger Deposito di sci Ski hanger
Ski pendular wall depot

The best solution to keep your ski depot tidy and functional is the pendular wall depot. Up to 3 pairs of skiers and sticks can fit in each module. The profile’s lenght can be fitted upon request

The pendular wall depot in combination with the intelligent boot dryer ZeroWatt offer a complete and low-priced solution for the professional ski storage equipment

Modular and robust bike depot

The new development of the bike depot brings enormous advantages for the user: the bike is hooked on the steering rod, the rear wheel touches the floor and prevents a great effort. The modular system is an advantage for children’s bicycles mounted on two levels.

Electronic BikeDepot

2018 the electronic bike depot is available. The modules, each with 2 bicycles, can be installed in series as desired and are equipped with electronic access control. Safety, comfort and technical precision are at the forefront.

The elements, each with two bicycles, are installed in series, the cabling for the electronic access control is made by the very robust base construction.



Skibox1 has been newly developed in two versions. Skibox 1 Small is extremely space-saving in its design, Skibox1 Large is wider, but also offers a storage compartment.


Skibox 4 is a low-priced solution to protect the skis and poles from theft. Box 4 provides for a length of 1000 mm 4 lockable spaces for each one pair of skis including poles. The special lock cylinder can be issued against deposit or rent to the customers and this contributes to the funding of the investment.


Skibox 10 has been designed to specific customer request and meet with general great interest. The group box 10 offers through its robust construction safety also outdoors, the machanical or electronic locking system can be combined at any time with the hotel lock system. The Box offers two lockable compartments for max. 5 pairs of skis, the poles can be placed in front of the skis in the dedicated laterally departments.

Box for skis and snowboards

The single box for skis and snowboards can be shut off, can be combined in a modular manner, versatile application indoors and outdoors. The unit can be mounted on the wall or on the wooden stand outdoors. SnowPolice can be equipped with safety cylinder or with a coin lock (0,50-1,0-2,0 Euro) with cash box. The box is used in ski resorts in front of restaurants or bus stops, also in hotels.

SNOW police The Skibox

The modular Box SnowPolice can be mounted on the wall in the outdoor area. Alternatively, two sizes of very stable wooden stands are available, on which can be mounted 6 or 10 SnowPolice boxes.

skiBox01 Skibox Skibox10

Roll-Depot – service rack

The service rack COMFORT is ideal for ski rental shops, sports shops and hotels to transport the whole ski equipment. Four pairs of skis and boots as well as a shelf for helmets, children’s shoes and small goods can be transported easily. With one meter lenght of the rack fits in every lift.

Ski stand for leaning children and adult skis Service trolley COMFORT

This very robust Ski-rack is to surpass in quality and stability hardly. The basic module is available in four lengths and fits the requirements of flexibility. The basic module may be equipped with the Ski-pendulum system (PENDULAR RACK) for housing skis and poles, with the boot dryer “Zero Watt” (BOOTDRYER RACK), with shelves (SHELVES RACK) for depositing shoes, helmets and small appliances or be fitted with the lockable SKIBOX4 (SKIBOX RACK).

For a perfect rolling of the racks the rails are made in 5 mm stainless steel and the diameter of the wheels of 100 mm supports the slippage. There is no need for floor anchoring of the rails, so each sub-soil is suitable.

Additional products

Our offer is rounded off with an assortment of products ranging from bicycle racks and service trolleys to mats and benches for changing rooms, not to mention our Skibox solutions.

Robust bench Fine bench Carpet Carpet Storage compartment Mirror Coat hook Glove dryer Deposit compartments Wardrobe cabinets Wardrobe lockers
Rubber mats "Zerbino"

for indoor and outdoor use, 20 mm thick – Measures: 1500 x 1000 mm.

"Nadelfilz" carpet

with rubber nubs at the bottom for water permeability, available in rolls 1 or 2 meters wide.

Elegant bench

with elegant leather upholstery, very sturdy version made of stainless steel and powdercoated, matching anthracite to the ski lockers, length 1100 mm.

Robust aluminum bench

seats with wooden panels, available in two lengths of 900 or 1600 mm.

Very robust bench

with wardrobe, available on one or two sides, made of stainless steel and powder-coated, rounded and varnished wooden panels, available in lengths of 1000/1500/1960 mm.

Depot or lockers

in different finishes and colors, height-adjustable with 2/3/4 or 5 compartments, 2 different widths of 300 or 400 mm, robust steel construction powder-coated.

Changing rooms and lockers

Fuchs Technik specialises in access control for storage lockers, wardrobes and skis. We offer a wide range of lockers for hire and storage. The lockers are of high quality and the professional powder coating guarantees protection against rust and a long lifespan of the product.