Parking automation

Automated systems for car parks: Columns, set-ups, interfaces and more

Smart Parking, the parking of the future

The automation of procedures and reduced human interaction ensure numerous advantages for the management of underground garages and multi-storey car-parks. Fuchs Technik offers a wide range of products, from entrance stations and parking meters to fully automated checkout counters, for efficient management of the car-park and optimisation of time.

Parking meters

Parking Hub

Our parking meters stand out for their solidity and smart and simple design, and are made in Europe in compliance with industry standards to guarantee long life and reliability. In addition to the traditional parking station for barcode tickets, we have developed a virtually unlimited number of other solutions over the years. Some permit connection to external systems. Our efficient concept of technology also allows for complex connection projects. For example, we have already integrated the Telepass systems in Italy and South Tyrol (annual pass for circulation in South Tyrol).

Depending on the volume of traffic, it is also possible to introduce reversible lanes. Particularly in the case of events or ski areas where it is necessary to control a large number of vehicles at the entrance, there may be dynamic changes in the flows of incoming and outgoing vehicles.


Free car-parks

Free car-parks with floor sensors that count the number of cars and a red light that indicates when maximum capacity is reached.

Inexpensive car-parks with minimum rate

Free entry with floor sensor (magnetic loop) for opening the barrier. Payment (in coins) of the minimum rate at the end of the stay, to be made directly at the parking meter located at the exit. A green/red traffic light signals availability of free places or reaching of maximum capacity.

Practical parking system without automatic pay station

Practical parking system with incoming/outgoing flows managed with barriers and stations for the distribution of tickets. Collection of the ticket at the entrance and calculation of the amount due at the exit, with payment in cash (coins only) on the basis of an hourly rate.

Single lane car-park

Car-park with entrance/exit control with barriers and stations for the distribution of tickets, in a single lane. Traffic in the opposite direction is controlled with traffic lights connected to floor sensors. Payment is made at the automatic pay station with coins, banknotes, credit card, cards for long-term parking (RFID reader) and at the control unit.

Car-park with standard management

Car-park with incoming/outgoing flows managed with barriers and stations for the distribution of tickets. Ticket collection at the entrance. Before the exit, the ticket is read by the automatic pay station and by the control unit, and payment is made with coins, banknotes, credit cards or long-term parking cards. At the exit, the ticket is inserted in the station for validation and then withdrawn. Floor sensors count the occupied spaces in the car-park.

Multi-storey car-park

Parking area with multiple exits and entrances, equipped with barriers and stations for the distribution of tickets. Possible connection of long distance readers (UHF), automatic number plate recognition, Telepass, QR Code Scanner, South Tyrol Pass, RFID technology (Desfire, Mifare, ISO) and prepaid cards. Automatic pay stations with coin validator, banknote and credit card reader, long-term parking card management and control unit.

Stations and pay stations

Automatic pay station

The automatic pay station was developed to read the barcodes of tickets and calculate the amount due. The 9” TFT monitor and the illuminated components – buttons, opening, coin slot, banknote validator and coin dispenser – guide the user in using the device. The basic version also includes the motorised reader of the entrances for paper tickets, the coin validator, the 4 hoppers, the “lost ticket” function, the option to choose the language and the set-up for an intercom device, for an optimal quality-price ratio. The main lock is protected against vandalism by a 3 mm pull handle with padlock. The electronic components and money are duly and safely protected. A bill-to-bill validation device (for the acceptance and return of banknotes) can be integrated into the automatic pay station. Cashless payment by credit card is also currently essential.

Fully automatic parking payment station Parking ticket machine

Fuchs Parking

FUCHS PARKING offers different solutions for parking payment procedures that can harmonise investment costs in relation to the various needs, on the basis of requirements and the size of the parking area. We therefore offer the possibility of creating professional solutions for small car-parks, at extremely advantageous conditions. There is highly dynamic demand for minimal solutions, especially in the Alpine regions and in tourist centres. With its devices, FUCHS TECHNIK is able to propose modular and flexible options to meet disparate needs. At least four different solutions are available for the pay station. The basic option consists of an exit station with coin counter (without issuing change), which avoids the installation of an automatic pay station and therefore significantly reduces the investment cost. All peripheral units are completely autonomous and functioning in case of outage of the telematic network or computer shutdown.


  • All electronic components are CE certified
  • Body of pay station in steel (3 mm) – galvanised and powder coated
  • Lock with multiple locking points in three directions in accordance with the DIN standard on armoured safes, and several keys for maintenance

Internal equipment

  • 4 hoppers
  • Bill-to-bill banknote stacker for issuing change (optional)
  • Alarm system with signalling contact
  • Heating fan and electrical service socket
Entrance station

The entrance station was conceived for printing thermal paper tickets with barcode (for short-term parking) and for validating RFID media (for long-term parking). The short-term entrance ticket is labelled by means of thermal printing technology. The ticket shows the barcode, date, time and ticket number. Applying a logo is of course also possible. The output speed is between 2.0 and 2.3 seconds after the request for the ticket.

Mifare technology (13.56 MHz) is used for the RFID reader. All transponder media can be read (cards, key rings, wristbands, adhesive chips, etc.). The LCD display (4 x 20 characters with background lighting), the green illuminated mouthpiece and the green illuminated push button guarantee user-friendly operation. Standard features of the entrance station also include error warnings, such as absence of paper or paper jams, breaking of the access barrier or error messages for long-term parking. The arrangement of the electronics inside the body facilitates maintenance. Different connections are available with integration of the EE/MIO circuits. A 500 watt fan heating system, mains filter and service socket complete the unit.

Exit station

The exit station was conceived for printing thermal paper tickets with barcode (for short-term parking) and for managing RFID media (for long-term parking). The short-term parking ticket is assessed for validity and voiding. In case of a positive result it will be retained, in case of a negative result it will be refused. Mifare technology (13.56 MHz) is used for the RFID reader. All transponder media can be read (cards, key rings, wristbands, adhesive chips, etc.). The LCD display (4 x 20 characters with background lighting) and the green illuminated mouthpiece guarantee user-friendly operation. Situations such as full card container, unpaid tickets, broken access barrier or other error messages for long-term parking are recognised and promptly reported.

The arrangement of the electronics inside the body facilitates maintenance. Different connections are available with integration of the EE/MIO circuits. The motorised laser scanner prevents the accumulation of tickets that have fallen to the ground in the exit area of the car-park. A 500 watt fan heating system, mains filter and service socket complete the unit.

Double entrance and exit station for buses and cars

The double station with ticket issue at different heights (higher or lower, respectively for bus drivers and motorists) is ideal in the case of car-parks that also have a parking area for buses. The rates may differ.

Interfaces Parking Hub

The great demand for constant innovation has driven the continuous evolution of our systems. Over time, Fuchs Technik has carried out countless integrations for third-party systems. A flexible API is always used for optimal management of the connection.

License plate recognition device

Cost-effective and reliable solution for parking management systems (short-term parking). After payment at the stations, the ticket can be used directly to exit the parking area.

RFID multicard reader

(ISO14443-A, ISO14443-B, ISO15693, NFC)
The RFID reader allows contactless recognition of the identification means, without the need to insert the card. The reading distance is a few cm.

LPR number plate recognition

With the input of a number plate, a camera specifically designed to recognise identification data can allow a vehicle to enter and exit the car-park. There are integrated IR-LEDs that allow optimal recognition even at night. Identification can take place at a distance of up to 8 m and at a maximum speed of 70 km/h.

UHF long distance readers

UHF readers have a maximum range of 10 m. The reader monitors access and recognises credentials without the driver having to stop or get out of the vehicle.


For easy access control management. The QR code generated offline can be easily sent via e-mail and used on site with a smartphone or in printed form.

South Tyrol pass

Integrated Multicard readers can decode the South Tyrol pass while an API can be used to perform online verification. The South Tyrol pass service centre can calculate the parking fee directly. This connection is for reserving parking spaces for commuters in the vicinity of the station.


The socket connection to Telepass and its servers via VPN allows you to manage entrances and exits directly via the Telepass system of Autostrade SpA. Perfect integration of the system permits the direct use of Telepass tags.

Open Data Hub

Connection to the information system of NOI Techpark to see available parking spaces.

Open Source API

Efficiently programmed API for connecting to third-party systems.

Emergency call via SIP

Modern voice transmission with VOIP for connection to SIP telephone exchanges or direct communication via SIP Trunk.

Digital display

Display for viewing available parking spaces, controlled by Bus technology. The parking sign with the built-in digital display can be adapted to the customer’s specific needs.

Reimbursement systems

Additional barcode scanners can be used to modify the tickets for whatever reason and transform them into day or exit tickets. It is also possible to refund a cash amount or transfer a ticket directly to another fare structure.

Credit card reader

The reference point for all ATMs and credit cards currently in circulation. Both chip and pin and contactless NFC cards can be used.

Special solutions

Thanks to our considerable expertise, we are able to create the best solutions for specific cases and assist customers with their projects.

Toll stations

Maintaining private roads is expensive. The only way to recover the costs is to charge a toll.

We offer customised solutions which involve the collection of tolls at autonomous stations and barriers.

Traffic lights and counting systems

The recognition of vehicles and their direction of travel allows us to implement accurate monitoring of flows. The data obtained makes it possible to regulate the traffic. Traffic lights and digital displays are used to manage alternating one-way traffic and implement counting systems.

Automatic toilets and turnstiles

Access stations can be installed to cover the maintenance costs of public toilets. Turnstiles or door openers regulate access. The equipment is modular and ranges from simple mechanical coin validators to ticket terminals, which compensate for use of the toilets with a drink in the room.

Coin-operated vending machines

Coin-operated vending machines designed to individual needs can be a cost-effective alternative to controlling entrances and exits. The solutions, which are customised, do not involve complex electronics or a data connection, and are therefore universally usable.

Automatic bollards

Automatic bollards are movable metal cylinders that can be operated manually or by an electromechanical or hydraulic device. They are mainly used for access control in case of entry to or transit on private roads and entry to company premises and corporate buildings, public places and buildings, and pedestrian areas. Depending on the model, automatic bollards also offer protection against intrusions or acts of terrorism (pedestrian areas, banks).


  • LED ring light for better visibility
  • Integrated heating, for use down to -40 degrees Celsius
  • Water resistant body
  • Radio-controlled access control, electronic access control with RFID reader, long distance reader, number plate recognition, Telepass, etc.
Bollard - LED ring Bollard - pedestrian zone San Candido Bollard - Hospital Brunico


Are you looking for a professional solution for parking? Whether it’s multi-storey car parks, public or private car parks, toll roads, companies or industrial areas, Magnetic’s efficient bars are ideal for parking areas of any size. The new “Micro Drive” series requires very little maintenance, and is solid and perfectly functional, even in extreme weather conditions. A specially developed electric motor ensures the long life of the product and also acts as a heat source to prevent corrosion and condensation. A wide range of systems, such as telepass, number plate recognition, RFID reader, ticket with barcode, etc. can be used to open the barriers.


  • Solid and elegant design
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to an efficient and durable MHTM propulsion system
  • Innovative propulsion technology
  • High performance and easy maintenance
  • Up to 10 million opening and closing movements
  • High resistance in extreme weather conditions (from -30 up to +55 degrees Celsius)
  • Safety certified by the declarations of conformity and performance
  • Rod up to 10 m long
Barriers - complete system Barriers - access control Durable barriers Robust and elegant design

Our barriers also come with the following products which can prove useful in the construction of a parking area:

LED lighting

A LED that can turn red (closed) and green (open) can be integrated on the rod. The LED improves the level of perception and increases the safety of users, for a modern parking area that can be used in a clear and optimal way.

Barrier with LED
Barrier with articulated rod

Barriers with articulated rod are mainly used in garages or in situations where space is limited.


Barriers are used in cases where it is necessary to prevent unauthorised access. The standard barrier prevents access from the lower part of the rod, but a model with anti-climb protection is also available up to a height of 1.8 m.

Laser scanner

The laser scanner is used in contexts where it is not possible to use a magnetic loop for opening and control. The laser scanner detects cars and people in a reliable manner, ensuring maximum safety. The laser scanner has a range of up to 9.9 x 9.9 metres. The area is divided into monitoring and opening zones. The barrier therefore opens only when the vehicle is in the opening area, and not when there are people and other objects. The monitoring area is located directly below the rod and essentially detects cars and people. The barrier closes again only when nothing is detected in the area.


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Double barriers

These are used at entrances where a single barrier is not sufficient to cover the width of the lane. In these cases, a barrier is installed each side of the lane in order to cover the area concerned.

Solar powered barriers

In some cases it is necessary to regulate access to isolated areas, such as forest roads. Connection to the electricity grid can however be very difficult in these areas. Solar powered barriers resolve this problem, as the energy is supplied by a photovoltaic panel installed nearby.


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Parking meter

Easy and efficient management of parking areas is essential when there is a high volume of traffic. Parking meters represent a simple solution for the parking of cars both on and off the street. These devices can be set up in all manner of ways and can also be integrated in standard (coin operated) equipment as well as change machines and devices for accepting banknotes and credit cards for payment. These features make the device ideal for use in specific contexts, such as toll booths, electric charging stations, museum entrances and toilets.

The devices are user-friendly and have a pleasing design. They have a touchscreen for carrying out even the most complex purchasing procedures. All the automatic parking meters comply with the current safety features (EN 14450 S1) and are tamper-proof. The devices “speak” 8 languages and are a particularly popular in top tourist resorts.

Parking ticket machine Parking ticket machine - structure Access control by using parking ticket machine