Guidance system

Advanced parking guidance systems with barriers, traffic lights & visual displays

State-of-the-art car-parks

Modern parking guidance systems ensure clear usability of the parking area and improve the user experience. Simple and quick operation ensures considerable advantages for the operator in terms of increased capacity.

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Parking guidance systems

Detection of individual spaces

An ultrasonic sensor with integrated high-performance LEDs is installed in each space and indicates its status (free, occupied or reserved) with a bright coloured light. All sensors are centrally connected via a bus line. The precise indication of all availability allows users to know where to go without having to drive around the car-park looking for a free space. The user sees exact information on the presence of free spaces at each level, and can therefore find a space much more easily.

Counting of vehicles and traffic lights

There is growing demand for traffic regulation tools in multi-storey car-parks. Various solutions are available to meet the needs of these facilities. The most effective method consists of magnetic loops on the floor which recognise the direction of travel and, together with a traffic light, regulate the traffic at the entrance and exit of the lane (alternating one-way). It is also possible to calculate the number of transits, and, when a certain threshold is reached, the traffic lights indicate that the lane is closed. The available parking spaces are shown on a digital display board.


It is possible to view the individual sensors on a PC. The user therefore has direct control of the sensors and can decide whether to reserve or prevent access to certain areas at his discretion. The integrated logic makes it possible to show the spaces available in real time on the special signs.

The parking guidance systems can also communicate with other systems or portals. The integrated Rest API can transfer data to traffic management systems of any type.

Visualization of the parking spaces - board Visualization of the parking spaces - board Parking guidance systems - single space recognition Regulation of available parking spaces