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Cylinder locking systems

Safety cylinders in a lock still set the ultimate benchmark and provide the basis for access control, even though electronic solutions continue to gain in importance. It is almost unbelievable, that thousands of different locking combinations are possible in such a small casing. Technology makes it possible. Anti-drilling device, breakaway quick-closing device and emergency function are offered at the same time. Locking combinations in the locking system can be chosen freely; the locking plan is drawn up according to customer requirements.

The interior of safety locks is made of fine blades, pins and control slides of the highest technical perfection. Several thousand locking combinations are possible in one cylinder. The key profile is scanned, so only matching keys can open the door.

KA = several doors with only one key (without primary key)
HS = master key, every cylinder has its own key, a master key locks all cylinders
GHS = general master key system can be divided into several groups; a general master key locks all doors; group keys only lock certain groups; primary keys only lock certain cylinders

Double, single and thumbturn cylinders provide the basis of safety locks. The minimum length of half a cylinder is 30 mm, and can be extended in increments of 5 mm according to customer requirements.

Furniture locks, cylinders with closing tongues for letterboxes or metal cabinets, garage door cylinder locks or padlocks can be integrated into the locking system and offer great comfort.

Double profile keys are easy to use and can be inserted in both directions. Scanning is implemented through different drill patterns and offers the highest in security.

The double profile key is scanned longitudinally and cross-sectionally and therefore offers high protection.

A safety strike plate or an additional rose with manganese protection plate offer additional protection against vandalism.

In combination with a multi-point lock, the motor cylinder offers absolute high protection for external doors. Opening of motorised cylinders is implemented via en electric impulse (code keypad, electronic access control, fingerprint reader, etc.). From the inside, the cylinder can be operated at any time by means of a keypad. In case of power outage the cylinder is operated with a door knob from the inside, or with a key from the outside.

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