Salto Bluenet Wireless

An access control system connected via a wireless network is ideal for monitoring doors in real time. SALTO Wireless can be installed as an independent system or the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) can be integrated in a targeted manner in areas where real-time access control is required.

With just one click of the mouse, you can set up, control and manage your wireless system in real time. Wireless technology connects the battery-powered electronic front plates and cylinders with gateways via radio transmitter/receiver, and the gateways in turn communicate with the server via Ethernet/WLAN. SALTO BLUEnet’s Bluetooth wireless technology also makes it possible to update users’ access credentials without the need for wiring, thereby further increasing the flexibility of the SVN.


  • The front plates and cylinder receive information on the blacklists and reject unauthorised cards in real time
  • Real-time monitoring of doors: for example, door opening alarm, unauthorised opening, emergency closing and remote opening
  • Battery charge indicator of door components in real time
Salto Bluenet Wireless