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Boot dryer "ZeroWatt"

"ZeroWatt" is the first and only intelligent boot dryer worldwide. Each rod disposes of an autonomous heating component of merely 6 watts. The weight of the shoe activates a micro switch and thereby activates the heating component and starts drying. A fan guarantees quick and efficient drying.

The modular connection system is as unique as the micro switch: one or more components can be connected to one head module. Hence, depending on space requirements even the smallest wall surface can be used for attaching a boot dryer in a horizontal or vertical position.

The professional cable system with push terminals allows for easy and fast mounting. Since ski boots require more space, the 1-rod module is used for the skiing industry (left). The double rod module (right) is used anywhere where smaller shoes need to be dried (cross-country shoes, skates, golf, tennis and soccer shoes, etc.) In relation to the ski depository area, the boot dryer for small shoes with double rods offers twice the capacity.

1-rod head module with fan for ski boots
1-rod assembly module for ski boots

2-rod head module with fan for smaller shoes
2-rod assembly module for smaller shoes

Each heating rod disposes of an autonomous heating component of only 6 watts.

A micro-switch is activated by the weight of the boot, and the heating operation starts.

A fan
supports and accelerates the drying operation. 

A pre-mounted time switch with safety switch
controls the operating time. The ideal time frame for drying boots is in the morning from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.

The anti-odour insert is used in the head module below the fan. It makes the ski room smell nice. The insert box can also be filled with anti-microbial substances.

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