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Vehicle detecting device

The basis of each car park guidance system is the detection of cars in the car park. Depending on the size, the construction and the required exactness, vehicles can be detected at entry and exit, at the floor ramps to single areas (floors), and also on the single parking spaces. In the end, the decision of how precise vehicles should be detected in the car park is one of a financial nature.

In addition to standard machines like loop detection, we also offer various sensors, which allow for quick and reliable detection of vehicles in the car park.

Single space sensor USS350

The USS350 single space sensor monitors the parking space through ultrasonic distance measurement, and transmits the occupancy status (free or occupied) to the higher level zone controller. The light-emitting diodes integrated into the sensors inform drivers about free parking spaces. The sensor is installed on the ceiling in the middle of the parking space. Adjustment to different ceiling heights and mechanical adjustment are not necessary.

The sensor features two operating modes: local and central. In local mode the sensor functions as an independent device, and depending on the occupancy status, activates the red or green LED. In central mode the sensor is controlled by the zone controller ZK300, which allows for several additional functions like reservation (continuously red), delay of status change, and much more.

Changing from remote operation to local operation is automatic, if the sensor does not establish communication with the zone controller within a set period of time. If the zone controller fails, the sensor switches to local operation and the occupancy status continues to be displayed correctly.

Space lamp PLL400

The space lamp PLL400 is an additional component, which can be used in connection with single space sensors. It replaces the LEDs integrated in the sensors and allows for better orientation when looking for free parking spaces, because it is mounted on the ceiling above the lanes in-between parking spaces.

The space lamp features a small, robust casing, low energy consumption, brightness and a variety of different shapes and sizes. The single space sensor controls the space lamp and is responsible for energy supply.

Directional sensor USDS300

This sensor is an adequate replacement for double loops within a car park. It can be used for detecting vehicles at the entry and exit ramps, or in the traffic lanes. Mounted on the ceiling installation is very easy. The sensor functions by means of ultrasonic distance measurement. The sensor is mounted on the ceiling and can detect vehicles driving under the sensor and also in which direction they drive. Adjustment to different ceiling heights and mechanical adjustment are not necessary.

Undesired faults in counting objects like people or shopping carts are suppressed.
Even numerous problem situations, like cars driving very close to each other, or vehicles changing direction under the sensor are correctly detected and counted.

The sensor uses two counters set in different directions for counting. A display with four buttons and a user-friendly menu allow for on-site configuration and installation of the device. Operation itself is free of maintenance! Data can be retrieved via a RS485 serial port. Furthermore, the sensor features two relays (two directions) as potential-free contacts for connection to a counting device.

The device is made of a robust stainless steel casing.

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