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Parking guidance system

Many examples show that car parks can achieve higher yield than other commercial properties. A major prerequisite is the professional marketing of a product, which is accepted by drivers. A parking garage which is only used when other parking options are full, will only fill demand gaps. Despite the advantages of a parking garage like vandal safety and weather protection, complexity and the search for a free parking space in parking garages are regarded as considerable disadvantages by customers.

This defect can be solved with an electronic guidance system, which decisively increases customer satisfaction. Hereby, the part of the system visible to the customer plays an important role: the electronic displays. They inform drivers on the road and in the car park about the current occupancy state of single parking areas, and quickly lead them to the desired parking space.

LED Displays

Free space displays, text displays or arrows are used for displaying traffic information.

All types of displays can be delivered with the following standard heights: 80 mm, 110 mm, 165 mm, 250 mm and 420 mm. Upon request we can also deliver other sizes and heights. Almost every detail like font size, font colour, size of casing, and much more can be adapted to customer requirements.
A technical speciality of our displays is that luminous intensity adapts to the brightness of the surroundings. Day or night, inside or outside: our displays are always illuminated with ideal intensity. In addition to these display modules you'll also receive everything you need for a complete electronic display panel like energy supply, control, casing and pole mount.

Free space display

Displays for remaining spaces are used to display the number of free parking spaces in the car park or in certain areas of the car park. We offer these displays with various font sizes, in matrix and in 7-segment technology. The number of digits is optional. It usually varies between 2 and 4 digits. Upon request the display can also feature different colours. As a standard, the display illuminates in green, and "0" is displayed in red.

Text displays

Text displays are used to display predefined texts. For example you can have the following display texts: "free", "occupied", "closed" or "free", "full", "closed". These display texts are also offered in various font sizes and colours. As is standard, texts like "closed" or "occupied" are displayed in red, and "free" is displayed in green. Of course the text is displayed in the desired language. The picture shows "free-occupied-closed" modules in an aluminium casing.

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