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Car park guidance system

Why do you need a car park guidance system?

Private traffic is continuously increasing in today's modern world. Traffic jams on roads have become an every-day problem. Statistics show however, that almost one third of cars drive around the city because they are looking for a car park. The parking problem prevails everywhere: at airports and train stations, in shopping centres or hotels, in residential areas or in city centres. The requirements of car park management are continuously increasing. Hence, the best car park guidance system in a city is no use if a traffic jam developing outside the parking garage jams the road, or if parking garages are avoided because they are difficult to understand and are unclear.

The CUR car park guidance system is a future-oriented innovation in this field. The system offers a high degree of transparency about the current occupancy status in the parking garage. After entering the parking garage, the system shows drivers the shortest way to the next free parking space.

With the CUR car park guidance system you can achieve
the best profitability and customer satisfaction through:

  • minimising search times for free parking spaces
  • ideal use of capacities
  • visualising the car park through the control centre
  • exact statistic evaluation
  • modular construction
  • easy mounting and maintenance

The CUR car park guidance system is based on industry standards and allows for seamless integration into higher level parking guidance systems. It is very flexible and allows for subsequent mounting or can be extended in case of car park enlargement.

The CUR car park guidance system was conceived in such a way, that each component can assume sub-functions of the system in case of failure of single components (like sensor, zone controller or central computer) through the integrated, decentralised intelligence.

How does it work?

The parking spaces in the car park are monitored by ultrasonic sensors, which submit the two possible occupancy states (free or occupied) to the zone controller. The zone controller communicates with the central computer, which displays the traffic situation in the car park in real-time. The clear LED displays of the car park guidance system in the car park make sure traffic runs smooth by quickly leading cars to free parking spaces.

The central computer controls the entire car park guidance system via the zone controller
, and allows for manual operation of the LED displays and sensors at any time. Furthermore, the central computer communicates with the higher level parking guidance system of the city in order to transmit the current occupancy status of the car park. The zone controller can also independently assume management of the allocated zone. This is an automatic process which is activated in case communication with the central computer can not be established within a certain time limit. The same also applies to sensors. If the central computer fails, the zone controller assumes control over the zone. If the zone controller fails, the sensors switch to local mode and independently control the LED displays.

Components of the CUR car park guidance system

The CUR car park guidance system is a modular complete system, which can be combined with several powerful products.

The sensor – on-site information provider
The sensors work according to the principle of ultrasonic distance measurement. The sensors were specifically conceived to identify cars in parking spaces. The data is transmitted to the zone controller via a bus system. The light-emitting diodes integrated into the sensors inform drivers about free parking spaces.

The zone controller – the system's heart
The zone controller processes the data transmitted by the sensors in real-time. Up to 96 parking spaces can be managed with one zone controller. Incoming information is evaluated and the current occupancy status is registered on the basis of saved data patterns. Free parking spaces are displayed individually and optically displayed on information signs.
The interface (a bus system) in the zone controller feeds allocated sensors with energy and data. The communication bus is based on the RS485 industry standard.

The control centre – the system manager
The central computer coordinates the zone controller. This is where all data is merged. Based on this information the control centre displays the entire car park, makes statistic evaluations, and allows for intervention to the management system.

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