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Parking access & Ticket machines

Enter the world of access systems and pay machines

Quality, design and innovative design at the edge of the possible: these are the characteristics of our solutions, which provide sustainable profitability for your business field.

Car park management – customised
FUCHS TECHNIK offers high-quality technology tuned to the personal requirement of car park operators. Our solutions for professional car park management are aimed to guarantee highest profitability and productivity for you as an operator.

Experience cities from close-up
A variety of linked solutions, the seamless interplay of moving and stationary traffic – this is the future of modern cities. Professional car park management provides an additional income for cities and customer service for their visitors.

Shopping as an adventure
Perfect service begins in the car park. Offer your customers exclusive parking spots in close proximity to the shops. The solutions of FUCHS TECHNIK feature modular construction depending on the size of shopping centres or supermarkets.

Fuchs parking systems offer a vast selection of solutions from small car parks to professional parking automation, and parking structures with all their requirements.

The following examples provide an overview of the varied solutions:






Entrance & Exit station

The BAR-ET2/G entrance station was conceived for printing thermal paper tickets (for short-time parking) and for processing barcode or RFITD media (for long-term parking). The short-parking entrance ticket is labelled with a barcode, date, time and ticket number by means of thermal printing technology.

Applying a logo (company or city logo) is of course also possible. The output speed lies between 2.0 and 2.3 seconds depending on the printer requirements.

The BAR-AT1/G exit station was also conceived for the acceptance of thermal paper tickets (short-term parking), and for processing RFID media (long-term parking). The short-term parking ticket is assessed for validity and voiding. In case of a positive result it will be retained, in case of a negative result it will be refused.

13.56 MHz Mifare technology is used for RFID readers. All transponder media can be read (cards, coins, key rings, wristbands).

The LCD display (4 x 20 characters with background lighting), the green illuminated mouthpiece and the green illuminated push button guarantee user-friendly operation. The information on the display is available in German and in Italian.

The compact electronic system is located in a durable and shapely V2A casing. Fault reports like insufficient paper, barrier broken, fraudulent tickets and different error messages for long-term parking are standards for all entrance and exit stations. The arrangement of the electronic units in the casing is professional, clear and service-friendly. By using the EE/MIO input/output board there are 8 relay outputs and 8 optocoupler inputs, as well as auxiliary supply for optocoupler, power supply unit, and different connections available.

A 500 watt fan heating system, mains filter and service sockets complete the unit.

Pay machine

The BAR KA1 was conceived for processing barcode tickets.
The entire communication with the user is implemented by buttons, mouthpiece for coins, banknotes and special cards, and LC display. The mouthpiece is illuminated depending on its function.

Comfortable and self-explaining operation with illuminated components. Language selection provides foreign customers with more information and confidence for machine operation.

The machine casing is protected from vandalism through a three-sided locking mechanism (safe). The master key can only be activated by using another key first, which, at the same time activates the alarm system.
The machine casing is of the highest quality on the outside and inside; the arrangement of mechanical and electronic parts is professional, clear and service-friendly. Maintenance and access to the money is only possible with an RFID key with different authorisations.

Basic configuration
of the pay machine includes barcode reader, coin validator and coin sorter with coin return, coin return slot, customer display and operating buttons. We have several pay machine options like credit card reader, special functions card reader, discount reader, receipt printer, banknote validator, banknote changer, and more.

With additional master (data concentrator), the pay machine can also be used in stand-alone operation.

AnyPark Software

The AnyPark software serves for parameterising parking systems regardless of the system (ticketing system on barcode basis or EC parking facility).

The software is clear, self-explaining, customer-friendly, simple to use, and still offers all the options for operating and monitoring car park systems. After parameterising the software can be locked, or the functions can be limited for daily use. Multiple user levels allow for allocation of different tasks.

In addition to the basic configuration (machine features, currency, machine configuration, etc.), the following services are also possible:

  • Billing by DTA (debit note) or KC (credit card) of all transactions
  • List administration for EC cards, black and white list
  • Degressive, progressive or constant rates divided into 2 rate groups (for example covered car park - open-space car park) for long-term parking and short-term parking
  • The rate structure allows for the following options: Day or night rates and holiday rates, in 4 scales
  • Numerous time parameters (week time – dynamic parking duration – reservation)
  • Administration of up to 5000 long-term parkers
  • User administration – cash positions – accounting
  • Log reports of all events and statistics
  • Customised changes upon request

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