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Barriers are used in all areas of traffic control; the models are chosen depending on traffic intensity and safety. In the different installations, short opening times (fire brigade, police, ambulances in connection with telepass) are as important as automatic emergency openings in case of energy failure (hospitals, emergency centres).

Robust casing, proven and persistent technology, and complete control electronics for administration of inductive loops, traffic light control or counters are a prerequisite for professional and maintenance-free barriers.

Due to its high stability, Fuchs Technik recommends round barrier arms; the length of the barrier arm can be chosen by the customer.

Standard models reach lengths of up to 6 metres; the barrier arm can be extended to up to 10 metres for industrial entrances or similar.

Automatic emergency opening in case of energy failure is crucial for installations at hospitals, emergency centres or fire station buildings. Stainless steel casing is available for all models upon request and for a surcharge. Barriers with jointed arms are mostly used in car park entrances with limited ceiling height. By using jointed barrier arms the entire driving lane can be secured despite the low ceiling height.

Stable and tested drive motors guarantee durability. Safety components like photo cells or flashing lights are legal standards of professional barriers. Furthermore, each barrier reacts to objects by automatically lifting the barrier arm into an open position.

Radio control, key switches, electronic access control with contact-free media, telepass, and much more can be used for opening a barrier. The exit can be unlocked by means of an inductive loop.

For installation of access control systems we recommend a beautifully shaped column.
A column offers sufficient space for an intercom system, for access control, and for a traffic light control if required.

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