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Automatic lock bolts "bollards"

Thanks to the continuous development, automatic bollards can also be used in our rough climate. They offer a nice and comfortable solution for closing off pedestrian areas or access roads to public buildings. The bollards are heated and can therefore be used in temperatures of up to -25°C.

Different coatings, stainless steel options, and also the application of personal logos
are possible.  Flashing lights on the bollard top can be supplied as an option.

Bollards are ideal for use at public facilities, industry and trade buildings, but also for private individuals.

Bollards are also used to create safety barriers in front of jewellery shops, at exit roads of car dealers, post offices, police stations, etc.

Multiple bollards protect a broad area; one or two of the bollards can be electrified, the remaining bollards have the same design, but are fixed and irremovable columns. Fixed bollards can not be distinguished from electrified ones at first glance.

The DK/500 model is certified. This is a prerequisite for use in public facilities, buildings and car parks. Upon request bollards can be personalised.

Different designs, RAL colours of your choice: customers can express their desires.

Fixed bollards
complement electronic bollards in order to close off a wide access road.

Choose from beautifully shaped columns for activation of the bollards. Depending on the requirements, we can integrate an intercom system, electronic access control, code keypad or traffic lights. The bollard can also be activated by means of a remote control.

Mechanical mini bollards with a cylinder lock are suitable for private parking spaces outdoors or also in garages.

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