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Access control in businesses

Welcome to the world of intelligent access control systems!

Organise your administration building, production or storage, your factory or your car parks with an electronic identification and locking system from FUCHS TECHNIK. We have selected excellent access control systems for your business.

User-friendly technology and beautiful design drive the success of our products. More than 100 new installations in different sectors speaks for itself.

Our range of different transponder readers for all types of doors or for automation provides the ideal solution especially for subsequent mounting. The system can integrate strike plates or readers without wiring, and online mode readers for connection with the central administration. Mounting is easy and requires minimal effort.

Transponder technology is the most widely used technology. It guarantees comfort, easy handling and faultless operation.
Each time the card is put into a reader, saved data is exchanged and registered.

Hence, all transactions can be retrieved at any time.
(Read/write technology)

The design is very elegant; the surface is available in various colours. The strike plate can be subsequently mounted on any door. Narrow glass doors can also be fitted with this unit. The strike plate requires no wiring and is therefore ideal for subsequent mounting. Mounting is quick and simple. The last 1000 events are saved in any lock and can be retrieved at any time. Security is a priority for Fuchs Technik!

Special strike plates can be equipped with access control units on both sides, the user will be identified in both directions. Different types of strike plates and handles can be chosen from.

Due to security reasons the wall reader is ideal for outdoor use. The reader controls electronic door openers, security bolt locks, automatic sliding doors, garage doors, elevators or barriers, and allows access to authorised persons only. The wall reader is wired and can be online with the central administration office. A special cover guarantees optimal operation for readers which are exposed to extreme weather conditions. A special stainless steel frame protects against vandalism in outdoor areas.

The wall reader offers absolute control in parking areas. The system can be integrated into barriers or rolling grids or even into vendor loading docks.

Fuchs Technik offers the ideal solution for all requirements. The glass door lock offers an elegant and aesthetically beautiful solution for elegant glass doors in all areas.

The electronic cylinder with transponder technology is mainly used for fireproof doors, where no modifications to the door are allowed due to the fire protection certification. Just like a normal mechanical cylinder, the electronic cylinder can be easily mounted with a screw.

The I-Locker lock is used for safe deposit boxes or changing room lockers.

Furthermore, the office furniture can be equipped with a locker lock in order to allow access to authorised staff only.

The entire access control is managed by very easy and well arranged software, so only basic computer skills are required.

An unlimited number of user, staff or administration cards can be programmed. The cards feature a time limit, can be programmed with different time slots, and can be easily deleted in case of loss or misuse.

Several check-in stations can be linked to each other and integrated into one uniform system. Connection through wireless LAN is also possible.

All statistics, reports, transactions and customer lists can be retrieved at all times. The software allows for several administration levels with password access for various authorisations of different persons. The card coder is connected to the computer via a serial port.

In most cases cards are used as a key. However, key rings or wristbands (production personnel) are also compatible with the transponder system.

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